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IO-Jacket, the Jacket for Tech-Savvies

One of the Newest Gadgets in the year 2010 is the incredibly cool IO-Jacket. All modern gadgets have the goal to combine good-looks with multi-functional technology and effectiveness like this new invented gadget which is much better than the other gadgets because of you can actually wear it. It also has some cool stuff that you can find in your mobile phone or other gadgets like a Bluetooth and a built-in MP3 player or touch-sensitive control pads. One of the coolest and most promoted features in this gadget is its compatibility with GPSoverIP. It uses a hybrid GPS technology which enables you to look for the person wearing the jacket even inside the building.


IO-Jacket, the Jacket for Tech-Savvies

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The person who will wear the IO-Jacket can upload the information or musics in mobile phone or to the internet, the opportunity of observing his every move. The company who has invented this gadget has sold one for the benefit of the Humans for Humans Foundation.

As we can see as the time pass by to a new generation, many people develop new gadgets that can help in our daily lives but as the future have becomes nearer; someday the people who live in this world will be replaced by a new technology like a real person.

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